Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back to smoothies

Last March I started juicing and smoothie making, following a friend's Facebook post, where in she discussed the benefits of doing such a thing. I lasted 6 months and felt wonderful, increased energy levels, clearer concentration and a well boosted immune system. My routine was knocked when my father sadly passed last August. I lost all focus and the stress of everything caused me to become extremely ill, so much so that I've ended up in hospital twice since. 

Feeling completely and utterly fed up of ill health and a weak immune system, I found myself talking to a friend over the weekend. Not only did she remind me of the wonderful health benefits of juicing and smoothie making but she also gifted me a book called "The Juice Master" by Jason Vale (the juice master himself). This is a brilliant book full of recipes and tells you the benefits of each drink following that recipe. 

Today I got my shopping in, I didn't need to buy too much as you'll see from the photo. I made the first smoothie of my new routine. I already feel more positive and more in control knowing that I'm making positive steps to improve my health. 

This is the smoothie that I made. It only contains banana, honey, the juice of 2 oranges and ice cubes. Simple!! 

How about giving it a try and letting me know how you get on?

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nwilliams6 said...

This looks yummy. I hope you stay inspired and get back to healthy. I know how hard losing a father can be - hope it is getting a bit easier each day for you. Saw your post about your paper being due - if you need some help with peer review/proofing I would love to help. Hugz!