Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy busy...no time for crafting

Time goes by so fast. You've great plans to settle down and craft but then life gets in the way. Juggling work, college, home life, trips to London and an unexpected stint in hospital, there's been no time to craft and I WANT TO CRAFT!! This all in the last 2 weeks too.

When I started college I said that some of what I do would go on hold but never intended for crafting to stop. So today, resting my poor back...I've got 4 protruding disks causing awful pain and am on so many pain killers...I decided to browse Pinterest. I just love that site, it's great.

I've a few projects to work on like the my May Holiday Card Swap that I'm hosting over on Art & Images By Kym (you'll see the button below) - a pretty cool swap where in I list a number of unusual holidays around the world, then we make a card based on one and post it to our partner. I also have a DT challenge to make for Pattie's Creations Design Challenges. She has a seriously good Etsy shop where she sells her own digi images and there's an amazing selection to choose from. I'd recommend popping over and treating yourself. Then I've a special project to work on for my mum's 60th and I want to make some token gifts for some special friends. All this crafting on top of another assignment and some studying too. 


Maria :) said...

Don't stress yourself hun. You and your health rank first

aiveenj said...

Hi Niamh, sorry to hear you're not so well. But knowing you you'll get all your crafting done in time. Take care of yourself. Aiveen.