Friday, August 29, 2014

A great excuse to craft

So I've been told to rest up and take it easy. This week has been a week of pain. Last Saturday I suddenly found myself in a lot of pain, Sunday it got worse and up until yesterday I was living off two over the counter pain reliefs...without ease. Then yesterday evening I saw my Dr. but only because my personal trainer told me to...I thought it would just go. I got anti inflammatory tablets and they just took the edge off the pain. This morning I took them again, topped up on over the counter pain relief and a gel too...without success. I was in so much pain I found myself nodding off, not like me. So I decided to go to a local clinic that take my health insurance. I was examined, told to book an appointment for an MRI and given both a brace for my knee and crutches, with another prescription for pain relief. I was also given the advice/told to take it easy, rest up and not to over do it.

Yes, it's a nuisance that I can't do what I had planned to do BUT there is a positive. Due to having to take it easy, this now means that I can sit and craft. A great excuse to craft. So between tonight and tomorrow I'm planning on catching up on craft commitments and make caramelized red onion chutney tomorrow. It can all be done seated. Ok, I can think of better excuses than be in pain but as they say "every gray cloud has a silver lining".

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