Saturday, August 9, 2014

What a week...a very stressful week!!

What a week it's been...stressful, emotional and frightening all round.

Last weekend was meant to be an enjoyable weekend. It was a long weekend here in Ireland and so I was planning a pretty chilled weekend...that was not to be.

Saturday started off well, did a few bits around the house, got started on some craft projects and helped my mum babysit two of my gorgeous nephews. One of them is turning 2 next month, the other is 5 weeks old. It was a nice relaxing day. I went to bed feeling really good about myself, having had a lovely evening and having made some positive decisions about the week to come.

Sunday morning however, was a nightmare and the week has gone down hill from there. I came down stairs at 10am. As I got to the bottom stair I saw my front door open. For a split second I thought my husband had gone out but he hadn't...he was still upstairs. What I was looking at was a hall door open, an empty drive way where my car had been parked and back in the sitting room, I realized that our computers were missing, and ipod missing from it's docking station in the kitchen. We had been robbed!!! I almost fell to the ground, heartbroken and really shook up. It was so frightening to discover.

It's been a week from hell. Phone calls to the insurance company, dealings with the police (some of which have been great), sleepless nights and living on my nerves. I'm jumping at the slightest sound and even though I've sleeping tablets, I'm still waking up in panic attacks. Needless to say we're heightening our security. It's been a nightmare.

A week later and I'm still on edge. I'm doing my best to move forward, finding new projects to get myself involved in and looking to adopt a second dog. We've been talking about getting a second dog for some time now but I think we're ready...extra security. It was already a rough year between losing my dad and me having numerous stays in hospital through ill health...I honestly didn't think it could get any worse but it did!!

I am normally a positive person and will do my utmost to find something positive no matter what comes my way but I'm struggling. But as somebody once said to me "This too will pass" and I know it will. My faith in Spirit will carry me and help me.

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