Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Typing in silver and gold font

A long time ago I came across a tutorial on how to do silver and gold font for typing. I haven't seen this in years but when I came across it tonight, thanks to the tutorial that Yvonne from Card Art Kilcoole Tutorials popped up on her blog, I had to copy it. Thanks Yvonne.

So you want to type in silver or gold font? No problem. Just follow these steps below. 

Type in your text and then highlight the text. Next, click the colour button on your MS Word. Go to custom and reset the RGB manually to the numbers below. You can adjust the settings to get custom colours.

Red 194
Green 164
Blue 104

Red 155
Green 155
Blue 155


Check out her blog HERE. She has some great tutorials that you can try out. 

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Jackiekg said...

Cool! Thanks for the info.