Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't limit your beliefs

Had I been asked last week did I feel ready to run, despite wanting to, the answer would have been "no". What was holding me back? Fear! Fear of not being able to do it and fear of hurting my knee further. But I went out there and started training again. Week 1 and I've covered 9.5K in total. 

Why am I telling you this? I honestly believe that we can hold ourselves back from achieving the things we want because we are fearful, fearful of failing and fearful of hurting ourselves - pride and ego stepping in. BUT if you really want something and put your mind to it, everything is possible. 

Don't let your thinking limit your beliefs or stop you from realising your dreams. I honestly believe I've learned a great lesson this week, one which can spill over into many areas of my life. You can do it too. Listen to yourself, your thoughts and your inner beliefs, then by putting one foot in front of the other set out and prove yourself wrong, prove that you CAN do anything you want to.

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