Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Me" TIme

I've wanted to craft for the past week but the week was mental and if I'm honest, I've no idea where it went. Every day after work, I had something to do and even with that I didn't get everything done. I miss crafting, it's my way to unwind and I need it right now.

Do you struggle to find time to craft and use all your crafty goodies that you've put aside for that rainy day? Well, we've had plenty of those this week...rainy days that is. I don't want to go into another week wondering if I'll have time to craft. So I've just scheduled time with myself for the week ahead to get some crafting done, I've two definite time slots.

I hate breaking appointments with people, as do many of us and so why should it be any different when it comes to myself. Why should I break my own appointments and so that's what I've done, set some appointments for myself. Tada....craft time!!

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